The Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved from a concept into a reality. As the Internet of Things - a network of connected appliances and devices in and outside of the home - grows, managing your connected devices becomes ever more important. Arghon Artificial Intelligence Engine has been engineered to help you easily and seamlessly manage your connected devices, while keeping you squarely in control of your connected world. Rebel API

Internet of Things

Smart device manufacturers.

Setting up your device on the Arghon ecosystem is simple and straight forward. Configure a few web pages and in minutes, Arghon users that have your device can begin controlling them via Arghon. Arghon has commands for thousands of devices. Manufacturers wishing to contact us, click on the following link: contact us.

Speaking to appliances.

To begin interacting with your devices via voice commands, do the following. When setting up a connected device or appliance, you give it a name, such as the "upstairs bedroom light", "living room TV", or "the pool". Then, you can begin controlling your devices immediately with voice commands.

Know the status of any IoT appliance or device.

Arghon uses state-of-the-art technology to tell you whether your devices are off/on/running/etc. All it takes is a simple question.

get temperature

The Arghon AIE difference.

Arghon does more than just tell you the status of your appliances. Arghon's unique and powerful advantage lies in its intelligent approach to managing your connected devices. If you tell Arghon your family is going to Europe on vacation on August 5th, Arghon knows to turn down your air conditioning while you are away - helping you intelligently manage your connected world, seamlessly.

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